3 thoughts on “Mayor’s Property

  1. I always felt there was some form of connection between this crew and Santa Fe. You don’t get deals like that without connections. Edgewood Admin is classic cartel. A manager/commissioner form of government will slow them down for awhile but cockroaches always find a hole. That’s why I would hope to see a grand jury and criminal prosecutions but… this is New Mexico and it is locked down by socialists so something like that might not be possible. Just imagine that… citizens are due equal protection and representation under the law but still, in the 21st. century, it boils down to which party is in power and who you know. In the meantime, enjoy getting your pockets picked every day until you take charge of your own local governance.


  2. In my opinion, this man and his cronies had been defrauding the citizens of Edgewood and the State of New Mexico by not paying his taxes. Unless he is legally entitled to receive free land, via past government treaties or other similar instruments, he/they should make restitution or be arrested for fraud/theft.


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