Eye on Edgewood

12 Principles of Good Governance:

  1. Participation, Representation, Fair Conduct of Elections
  2. Responsiveness
  3. Efficiency and Effectiveness
  4. Openness and Transparency
  5. Rule of Law
  6. Ethical Conduct
  7. Competence and Capacity
  8. Innovation and Openness to Change
  9. Sustainability and Long-term Orientation
  10. Sound Financial Management
  11. Human rights, Cultural Diversity and Social Cohesion
  12. Accountability

This is how government works. As members of the Edgewood Community, it is in our interest to pay attention. We can’t all attend Council meetings, so we will try to highlight important developments. The following, for example, is a good illustration of why we need to be informed. Do you sense a problem?

This short clip is s total surprise. It is important, though.

Back in July, there was a town hall meeting about the acquisition of the water company. For the careful observer, it was full of insights. It is in two parts.

Be sure you watch part 2. We will eloborate in future videos.

For future reference, this is the entire text of the resolution covering forced hookups to the sewer.

Wastewater – ORD 2015-03 Amended Feb2016

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